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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lost control .

Sometimes, when I'm left alone,
Alone with my mind,
Sadness comes to me,
Reaching its hand towards me.
No matter what I feel, say, think or want,
I always accept that unfriendly touch
And I lose control over myself, my thoughts.

I feel
at a loss of control.

I try to pick up my feet,
but my legs seem to fall.

I say, go on, move on
but it's just so damn hard.

If I stay like this,
now that's control

but if I can't stop,
I've lost it all.

Again, not a shred of control,
I cannot start.

I cannot stop.

keep trying to pick up my feet,
I wonder why my legs keep falling..
Cant control myself .
For the things happened in this few days ..

although it was just a lie
But if that really happen cant imagine what i'll do .
Always for sure ..

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