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Friday, June 5, 2009

I dont want to choose ! But for sure i want him more than u two .

Do u know wat is irritating ?
I'm not interested with you !

No !
my mouth is without braces !
lol .
nobody will believe cz is green in colour .
n my mouth was like having a grape inside !
errr .
School ?
as normal but !
The whole gang so damn bad !!!
they knew i having braces still ordered Domino's pizza to skul ..
awww .
i want the cheese .
but i cant . i just can eat my own porridge at the side..
i want to eat everything .
The 1st day i wear braces to skul .
all of them looking at me n smile agian !
lol . just like Jing la..
haha .
lol .
And sumthings do happen .
awww .
nvm .
so . stop the school things .
Just now i was surfing the wed. thEy said .
There're two things in life hurts very much .
1 . When someone loves you but do not tells you .
2 . When someone do not loves you but tells you .
awww .
tis two things do hurts .
but not hurt than .
When someone loves you but cant do anythings .

x I want you .
o Jing. come bac remember ask me bout tuiton geh things.
x Urgent ! where to find sumthing yummy ? for buffet .
o Fatt ?! lol

J e s s . ❤

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