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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Alone . I'll be there .

寂寞杀死一个人 。
一个人杀不死寂寞 。

The last day of exam .

Students should be happy .

But for me is the unlucky day ..
1st in the morning i think i can relax n do my goeg but yet .

when i sat down the farking Kang came in .

== guess wat ? SOCKS !!

take off my shoe and also Jun Ee , Jeng Fatt kenal .

3 ppl also in 3M .
ols ..

She make me no mood to do my Geography exam anymore !
I sleep for 45 minutes just start to do my paper ..
Meta asked me am I okay . I said yea ..

But seriously , I'm not okay at all !

I knew that my attitude and also my style of everything were not good as other ..
But I had use all my effort to do it ..
Why dont u guys just left me alone ?

I need the time to ched everything not just 1 hour can do it ..
Tomoro gonna go n see Peter with Sze .
Cz of playing ..
1 socks and 1 shoe ..
== LOL . farking Liew !!
Sorry Sze ! Seriously I'm damn sorry ..

The school is having a rule of short socks .
take off the shoe the whole day .

And tat Liew go n make a 'NEW RULES' by himself ..

Take of the socks n shoes !
FarkTard !!!!
Fine I dun wanna say bout it anymore .. Score of the exam ..
Fail my BM, Sejarah .

Science mayb will fail ..
Need to check .
Need 2 more marks to pass la .
Kang plzzzz
God bless me .
with ur rubber band .
XD .

Guys I'm sorry .
I really dunno wat to reply u .
I wanna know you believe anot .
with all ur hearts . babee .
If you wait u waste ur time .
If I want you , you n I will be hurt at the same time .
No others ..

x Chill , Jing ..

o Chill , Jess ..

x I cant love it anymore .

o I regret what i reject to say that .

J e s s .

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