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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gam Gam ...

awww ... my lao po jing !
She gonna die !
No la !
She got sick .
Not a sick i think . is a a a a 'xue guan' i think . stuck le .
This is cz she dun wanna drink more water not even 100ml . she dun wan sleep earlier . she dun like to eat medicines . she dun wanna listen to the doctor and also she NVR take care herself !
Tis is what happen to herrrr .
Stupid Thang Yi Jing !
As I noe her she wunt listen wat the 'DOCTOR' said .
In a dangerous situation ?
hengggg . my Jing wunt listen !
But I am here to say !
that . Jing a Jing guai guai la . makan ur ubat . Minum ur air la .sleep earlier la .
is good for health !
XD .
Good Luck la Babeee .

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