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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Swine flu = Babi flu .

Swine flu .
Babeee .

Is hard prevent them for coming to us ..
So what to do?

I've been reading about the swine flu, of course. I've been finding out about what to do right here on -- what to buy, what not to bother with, what it might mean for the economy. But what do I do about sending my children to school or going to work? That part I haven't figured out yet, so as a precaution, we're all staying home until we hear more from the school.

Whatever we've been exposed to, we've been exposed to it already obviously. Regardless of whether this latest illness going around is the dreaded swine flu or not, there's some kind of contagious disease going around our day care center, and even just a mild fever is enough to send our two-working-parent family into an organizational tailspin. But I couldn't deal with the guilt of passing on anything to anyone else. Last week, my daughter came in for Take Your Kids to Work Day, was sick the next day (but not the swine flu...), and on Saturday a colleague who was nice to her got sick. I feel awful about that.

Since I heard about the exposure, I've been thinking about my day yesterday -- riding on the subway, shaking the hand of a job candidate, going to an office party, and even just handling the sink at the office to wash out my mug. Did I pass on this thing unwittingly already?

Maybe I'm the one ..

I wanna hang out with friends !
I wanna do wadever I want to .
I wanna think that way .
I wanna say sorry .
I wanna heard you say it !
I wanna apologize .
I want you to say tat to you .
I want you to be mine !
I want you right now ..

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