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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

mayb gonna be alright .

401th post !

3 days nvr updated .
i though .
I miss my computer .
reason for didt post .
no time .
cz most of the time my sis was using it .
lol .
This few days i was not feeling well .
Swine flu ?
i want le !!
Say Close to SM !
lol .
my dad is going SM tis Friday .
God Bless me today .
I gonna tell him the 'story' today .

wo hai neng zhuo shen me ?

Do you guys noe ?
Why I dun wan accept or reject ?
If accept one of u guys . two of u sure ....
If i reject sure get hurts .
Sorry , stay close .
Babe .

x Ntg much would happen next .
o Friday anyone ?
x Is that wat we call feel ?
o No reject or accept ? or just the chance ?

J e s s .

When you talk,
I get this
in my system
that I think means
my brain is rejecting
the information
like a body rejects a splinter.

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