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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Inmature . Self problem . Not urs .

Finally .
Mayb I'm wrong ..

Finally we finished the tuition !
lol .
from 9.30 morning to 7:30 .
After tuition went to FunOK !
lol ..
is fun there .
inside the refrigerator were the games to let us play !
haha .
we did played ~~
lol .
i noe dou gei la. cz of Jing la ...
after yum cha .
went to the pasar malam .
she ate many things ..
we was OCW was there with his shuffle friends !
after pasar malam .
wait for my mum to bring jing home thn my turn to bac home ~
lol .
And also .
wanna apologize .
Sorry to you two .
for no reason i think .
there's always a sound behind my ears and said .
Choose him choose him !
The other him SUCKS !!
lol .
cacat la ..
No comment for tis .
although they're right ..

x No for you .
o Yes to you .
x wu suo wei . wo ai ni jiu ke yi le ..
o I'm Not Okay ..

J e s s .

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