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Saturday, June 27, 2009

260609 , Grace returened . =)

200609 ,
Grace is going back to Singapore tomoro .
So the whole DaiBs went to Pavilion .
Peace !
Finally we can went out together again !
We have a long time nvr go out nia ..
the last time i think is last year .
or MidValley day ?
I had forgotten .
Sorry .
LOL ..
We went there for lunch and desert day !
our lunch all is FRIES .
and also Ice-Cream .
location : Mdm.Kwan , Baskin Robbins .
Pics were taken every where !
I edited these photos for 2-3 hours .
lol ..
This is the 1st time i use all my heart to edited it n attached it to all DaiBs .
Peace babee .

Pics time ..
You should view it from down to up .
I upload it in the wrong order .

I was spotting hot guys ! XD
Cant take dou Venn . Xp
Converse !

Is hard to edit tis pic . =|
hard to coloured it .

I like tis damn much !

Jing + Ash .
us again ! * Jing was outside ! *
Shout Out Loud !
Reflection .
aww . she kissed the stranger .

We do have a great time . =)
my 3rd . all given to Jing .
My 2nd kiss babee .
Spot Jing and my leg !
This was fake ! XD

Grace + Pei .
She kissed ! babee . =)
Blek !
Me & Ash !
We did kissed ! XD
Grace ! you took my 1st kiss ..
suppose to give boys nia ..
=( I lost it to you ..
Our pose ! i like mine ! XD

at '31' .
WE ! With a big smile ! =D
Daibs ! serious one .
At Madam.Kwan . the 1st 4 and also Ash forget to edit it ..
too many photos .

Quan and me . @ school . she came !

Aww . That was my kiss !
act . all are fake ! but i like the one i with Jing looked like real couple .

aww . i want that Converse shoes .
I want that Quiksilver shorts .
wait for me ! for tow weeks i think .
I sure want that Converse !!!!

x Next week , going to be dead !
o Result ? 'beh kua' .
x I cant escape !
o She gonna be back tomoro .

J e s s .

All of these memories
Collecting its dust
Rot in my hollow mind
My heart, it rusts

Was I being naive
To think you'd never leave.
Was this pain self inflicted
Should this have been predicted

I wait on the porch for you
every day
Will you show up for me
to take this pain away.

Tell me where I went wrong
What mistake did I make
Can I somehow take it back
Or do you dream awake

Tell me the truth
Why was I left behind.

Was I being naive
To think you'd never walk away.
Was this pain self inflicted
When I was here to stay

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