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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All is my wrong . I think it without using my farking brain !

Today my LaoPo jing didt came to skul .
at 1st lar..
thn after while join my BaoBei Fatt n lik hong they all.
Chat n chat n chat pulak.
bt i cant join their topics all is game n SEX !?
bt boys is like tat de la.. guan le .
thn act wanna join dada geh. 
But! she got my xian xian so cant do anythings to her lor .
NVM i lend u him 1st .. =)

So stupid tis rubbish 1st .
I wanna say geh is .
I am sorry to  him !
Although u dunno wat happen bt i reall notice it !
I'm using my farking brain to think those farking things !
Ji Pet ~!

x I really wan to apologize !
o Forgive me please !!!
x You are getting worse !
o Stop it can a? That's my friend !

J e s s .

Alone . 
Always for sure !
No one can see the pain that we hide,
They're happy for us to keep it inside,
Our fear is our own; they don't want to know,
Why sould we involve them; why should it show.

You live your whole life in confusion and fear,
The need to feel something unbearably near,
Half of you living, Half of you gone,
And inside you know what your doing is wrong.

The thing's that can help, the thing's that may heal,
Are the flame or the blade and the sting of the steel,
The destruction of skin means the death of your soul,
But there's nowhere to run when your living alone.

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