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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I know how it hurts .

tell me the truth
that you love me and
you want me to stay .

Tuesday ; 020210 .
a day had gone just like dust .
I woke up and look at my phone
I wonder why no one text me ? * perasan *
the old time ' they ' always text me and now ?
i wonder why are my life so bored ?
I viewed yng's blog just now i realized that
her school reopens and yet same goes to Nz's .
I miss everyone of you everyday i think of i gonna leave i wonder
why aren't they anyone get a farewell for me or whatever outing or even a small gathering ?
are you guys going to have one ?
Seriously , I didn't put any expectation on them
'cause i know they wont put so much heart on me or whatever .

Finished with that and i wanna said that
I packed all my things again !
that also means that I got a dust day again ' third time ' .
I'm so getting bored of it !
However , I gonna say that I had a great supper ever !
have you guys seen smoke salmon for supper ?
I had it just now is now all in my stomach and yet I full until can't get near to my bed .
spot my salmon supper !
Oh My Gosh !
i tasted so damn good !

they are more but I just took these 'cause
if i take more photos all the salmon gonna be gone with the biscuits .
However , I gained weight " _|_ " 'cause of these salmon but is too delicious if i didn't take it
it will be wasted i wont be that bad actually ...

questions are out in my mind again !
- why he never text me for so long ?
- how were them doing ?
- I'm not in love but I'm in feel !
- Saturday how ?
- There's another farewell for my mum's and where is mine ?

sigh sigh sigh !
I'm getting lost this few days .
I though the new month will have something fun but ...
it still remains the same 1 word to say

save me from my dreams and get those things in my mind .
16 days to go ; farewell .

Love's ;

"Sometimes, you can't stop yourself from hoping for yesterday to come back ,

especially if yesterday was the only future you

ever wanted and needed from the start.."

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