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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Turn the time back to childhood . ♥

woke up around 1 .
and went to prepare up and helped mum give out hampers to my dad's office .
I sweat a lot but still I ate a lot ! =D
around 4 something we have done with our things then
mum decided bring us go Sunway Pyramid to buy things just like those CNY things
before that we went to have LUNCHY !
Fullhouse .
a great restaurant which i went last time
at ' niu che sui ' .
let's see ...

home made mushroom soup !
and we ordered more like
grill fish , deep fried soft shell crab , fried chicken for my bro and also a chicken chop for my mum !
before our meal we went to take this . =D
the tiger wohoo . ' which my mum said it is ' .

honey lemon and Ice lemon tea .

my mum's ordered .

after our meal we went to Fullhouse fashion stall and I bought a spec and sis bought 1 skirt and 1 pants .
that were nice !!!
and not that expensive then I thought .
then we went to Jusco as normal to buy things .
then went to a shop which dunno what name then back home ...

then back home meet up with my lappy !
play play play !
once in a blue moon ,
my bro said he's hungry then we went out to have supper !
damn it !
I have supper two days together .
gained weight againnnnn .
after back home I found something intersting ...
spot the photos coming up .

Lady Gaga ; Carmen Tan .
she said they look alike and the only diffrent is
Gaga got the ' Uni ' ,
Carmen got the bubble .
see it ?
I took photos too .
dont ever see my sm shirt !
the normal look of her .
spot the biggest ?
Is blown by me ....
yerrr .

more photos on fb view it !
Is just like bringing you back to childhood !
I love and I hate .

p/s : fei po , if online find me i got thing need your help about sm .

2 weeks and 1 day to go ;
should I be happy ?

Today's love ;

Don't ever love him/her ,
if he/she is leaving soon .

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