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Saturday, February 13, 2010

carnival ride .

120210 .
the same time as yesterday .
I suppose to go to SM today and
my plan broke 'cause of something ...
I wasn't in mood at the first but
I wont let myself down so I followed my sis went to Sunway .

snap snap .

my breakfast was ' Pasta Zanmai ' .
photos while having meal are in Yteng's blog .
click the link >>>>>

after the meal .
PohYing came with his bf after waited him to finish meal we
walk walk then Ytheng went back 'cause she's scare of traffic jam !
then we went to shopping I bough a blue t-shirt .
after that my sis got a Coke train 7 of it cost only RM120 .
then Carmen fetch me home 'cause she has not hang out with her friends
and I need to back home help my mum do preparation for CNY and food !
On the way back home .

spot the light came out from the sky ?
that was gorgeous .
back home did what i said and is already 7 something
I got a call from Hoe while I was going to play my lappy .
He called and tell me that he's coming to fetch me to yum cha .
yes , he did came to Kajang and fetch me and the ' driver ' is HuiJoeYang .
I can't believe that he came back from NS !
He's tan and BOTAK ~
he's hair is erhemm ..
heading to Time Square .
Meet up with Ali , Gi , Heidi , KC ,Clinton and a boy named Marvick i think ...
then we chose to watch movie .
we watched 72 bla bla bla ..
I don't know it's name ....
after movie we played these .
photos . =D
black ones .

sweet couple ! =D
tongue tongue !
the only red .
black and white .
the horny one .
security and the aunty customer !
us .

after that the security scolded us and Gi left
then we heading to Hoe's house .
on the way we did it again .

blacky !
kissed ! =D

after awhile we reached .
we were tired only Hoe was hyper - ing .
around 2 something Carmen came and fetch me
when i got into car i was like finally i can back home but
who knows ....
She needs to yum cha with Harry , Lok , Nick and Marcus .
I need help~~~
we yum cha around Leisuremall .
chatted until 4 something back home and we reached home nearly 5 .
i was TIRED !
but i love the day .

I wasn't in mood of putting colour in this post .
sorry peeps , <3

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