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Monday, February 15, 2010

the last CNY I have in M'sia . appreciating

The one i wish to have .
left 4 days from now onwards .
Lok and ChaiKar are still in my house now .
they're chatting along within the two little mine and small bed .
boys and girls !
I love today although there's a time which is RUSH !
let's start my story about today .
I woke up at 12 and bathed
went to have my breakfast .
wished my grandparents and I went to my god - mother's house .
she looks older nowadays .
I hope she'll be all right and all the best along .
then dad came back and fetch us to aunt's house .
after 1 hour plus other aunt came and cousins !
I used my Polaroid today !
muahahha .
I waste 8 of it ... what can I say ....
this pic is showing that they're checking what happen to the photo .
their face are CUTE !!!

after that we went to my mum's aunt's house .
another cousins are there too .

we were gambling and i lost RM2.50 .
damn weird with the price right ?
after visit when to Uncle Lu's hosue .
then have dinner together in a restaurant while we were eating my sis and bro went back home at first 'cause most of them are there
just like ....
Harry , Lok , ChaiKar , Quan , Joe , Hoe , KahHoe , Danly , Nick , Marcus , GL , KahYan , HueyMin , Carmen and i don't know who else .
I reached home at 10 something .
Lok and his brothers went to the mamak .
and I joined after that .
Photo .
Us .

On the way back home .
we enjoyed ourself with my Polaroid once again !
I know how to use 'cause of Hoe .
I love him !!!!!

around 11 something Hoe needs to go back home
before he leave ...
he did this ....
He hugged my sis !
that that hug but this !

after that most of them went out again .
some of them went to snooker and some fetch people back home ...
while I was free i went to gamble with the Tan's .
they were CRAZY !
but still i won some 'cause of the two ace !!!!
I love them ....

However , carmen came back and chat along the night around 2 something
the brothers went back and KahYan too ...
as Lok and ChaiKar stayed awhile ...
nearly 4 just back .

I love the day but is too short for me .
4 days to go ; nothing else I can say .

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