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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

heavy things make me feel annoy !

few days more I can get there .
show me your peace sigh ,

the day just normal as those days ;
I woke up and I watched drama the whole day .
I spent my day with lappy ONLY !
after hours later is 7 something and I had my dinner
while watching drama ; after 2 episodes I chatted with ynG
and those people !
I'm glad for no reason ..
what should I say that I'm getting annoy sometimes .
I asked JiMui to help me something
'cause if I'm the one who say that he will !@#$%^&*
sorry to say that ,
I'm getting really annoy of you and
I'm not the one who spent your time with !
end !

No story are done nowadays .
p/s : I'm in love with DAMN !

8 days to go ; I'll do what ynG did .

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