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Friday, February 5, 2010

040210 ..

A day with no plan .

Thursday ,
woke up at 11 something then prepare myself
to meet up my sis's friend !
sing K at Cheras Neway .
is so cheap !!!
I like weekdays only on my holiday .
12 someting reached and called KahYan with JianYik and ChaiKar .
meet up and start our sing along songs .
before we went down to Neway my sis felt down in the carpark !
and she broke her shoe all fault was from the shoe .
then around 2 something Teck Shen came ...
a guy studied in SM and came back from Aus , Melbourne .
we sang all along 6 hours plus and
some photos are here .
them .
Jessie ; KahYan ; Carmen .

then went to PGRM to celebrate SaikHoe's birthday ..
our plan broke 'cause Hoe's dad planned to have dinner on Friday .
so we just have a small celebration at 77 cafe near his dancing place .
I knew that he doesn't have fun at all , at first la i think ...
see these .

while he's cutting his cake my sis's chair broke
'cause she keep on shake the freaking chair
that's why it broke .
they came ...

after that Reuzhen and Bianca came to give him surprise but
it didn't work 'cause hoe saw them .
then went to KLCC park to have some fun ...

went in to the lift we took pic is nearly 12 that time . =D

this photo is to show that they are carrying
that Convention center who knows it doesn't work .

photos are on ...

more on fb and there's a video we took view it too !

after that carmen fetch them back 8 people in a proton waja while we went when we're back 7 people in a car ....
that was fun !!!!

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