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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

it doesn't last long , believe me .

The truth you left .

I called it as past tense .

woke up in the morning then heading out to breakfast
who knows that my sis said she need to go Jusco to buy something so
we straight away go to there to have our breakfast .
after breakfast sis went to the supermarket to buy the ingredients for cooking party tonight .
finish that , we went to The Mines to take our watches then heading to my dad's office to do something then my mum went to bank and we followed .
was bored and i slept in the car ...
while doing these things the boys in SM text - ed me .
they're nagging me to go back SM this Friday for ' lou sang ' if i'm not wrong .
who knows my aunt from U.S is coming back soon I need to prepare things for her and I don't think I have transport to go school and yang's house .
I'm sorry guys but i will try my best to ask about that .
back home I meet my lappy and chatted with some of the boys .

the first ;
I have been a long time never chat with him 'cause of those freaking reason and
today I just know that we mostly have the same mind .

the second ;
I don't know him well and he apologize to be about last Saturday
'cause that he's not accompanying me for the ' FAREWELL ' .

the third ;
Just the same as the second one ; now I just realize he's though is so cute !!

after those chatting bathed and have my dinner .
and I chat again ;

Jane ;
I chatted with her awhile and
she told me that she's coming back on the 17th or 18t or even 19th .
I was wondering do I have a chance to see her the last time . =(

Sze ;
We chatted once again
all about her things and her lappy sucks ! =X
p/s : trust me and do the way i said .

Carmen ;
It has been a long time I didn't chat with her .
seriously , I miss her and I felt sorry to her ..
'cause I'm leaving on her birthday !!

until just now that OngChoonWei found me
I just realize that I'm really leaving in 10 days but what else can do ?
Most of the people are going back ' kampung ' on this Friday as usual he needs to .
and he told me to go out for the last time for him
he planned .
Is really good to have a friend like him =D
but is too bad that I don't know i have any transport out anot .
wonder wonder wonder !!!

Can you guys stop asking me about the things about N.Z ?
I totally get annoy about that !!

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