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Sunday, February 14, 2010

I love them as usual !


I woke at 12 something .
and my mum woke me up and i change everything in my room with my sis .
then clean the things and play my lappy !
the whether of today was WTF !
hot `~~
while i was using lappy i chatted again .
and i did apologize again .
the answer i get is BYE !
and i was like wtf !
FINE , we're NOT friends ANYMORE !
I hate people saying that to me .
forget about it i don't know that person anymore ...
after that , I went to KLIA for my aunt .
she came back from U.S ...
I'm so happy we can have dinner together once again ...

them ; the sweetest family !
there are more but all went to watch TV ...
here are just quarter of them .

she came back and also bought something back just like ....
the instax camera i want !!!!
I showed it to ynG dy ...
these are the films .
camera ! is double size of quan's .
the only three we took .
spot me ?
the camera ! i love it ~~~

Happy New Year people and also
Happy V day !
wish cupid ' pok ' you guys heart !

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