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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Japan day was ON !!

Last day of summer .

Was Japan Day !
at ASB Showground ..
That was a huge show ground !!
let's see .
We ' James , Vanessa , Carmen , William , dad , mum , uncle alex and I ' went to hall 6 for some bathroom thing 'cause there also had a hall for those bathroom accessories .

While the adults are choosing .
Vanesaa , James and I was doing this .

after that we went in to the Japan's exhibition with lots of PEOPLE !
that was ....
What can I say the words seems to be saying peanuts .
who knows ?
Carmen with themmm .

after the viewing and buying things we went out for FOOD !!!
let's see ... searching for ' them ' .
the rice cake they make .
and ice ! they are 12 flavors in a machine but i forgot to take that .
Takoyakiii .
spot the clouds was beautiful !

they're tired but still enjoy the foods .

after rest we walk to the car park .

On the way to there .
the road is pretty !
spot me ?
this is what we call as natural !
they suppose to jump but with my phone is so ....
again !
we walk across the road and ....

we nearly reach .... the landscape is great !!!
spot the two ?
they're crazy !!!
loves .
just like a fake sky !

after the day we went to aunty May's house to have our dinner !
thanks aunties ..

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