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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

! hctib.purehkrafannogi

like it's your last .
Monday ;
the first day of February .
everything seems to be alike ,
just the same the time pass faster today .
i woke up at 2 something and i just realize that
no one is at home only my bro and I .
ate my maggi as my ' brealunch ' .
is full then I swapped and mopped the floor .
I sweat !!!
then played com ...
I wonder why there's no one outing on a public holiday ?
hmm ..
So ,
I spent my day with my lappy , iPody and phony ...
although my phone doesn't work well !
thinking should i get a 6760 ?
aiyaya ...
I missed Granny's award ~
but still i watched a bit bit about the red carpet part !

anything suggestion for me to do ?
I'm so bored and NZ's school is reopen tomorrow if I'm not wrong .
i gonna miss all my classes !
need help ~

I hate her sometimes but I do love her sometimes .
Just that she don't want to believe me .

17 days to go ; any comment ?

today's word ;

The greatest danger to our future is apathy .

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