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Thursday, February 11, 2010

5 days to cny !

our memories have been deleted .

Woke up in the morning by my sis .
then bath out to Kah Yan's house to fetch her
then went to Jalan Alor to fetch Harry and we had breakfast together .
after that four of us went to Segambut to fetch SherLok .
after fetching him something happen and is a long story !!!
* skip *
then we went to 1 Utama for CNY's clothes
I bought 1 hoodie and a yellow shirt 'cause is cny and I can't wear black and white .
after that walk along to have some break at the side and we bought Startbucks , McFlurry and also some fried things .
we just like a family LOL !!!
after that Carmen gonna pass MengHu's GPS back to him so we left 1U nearly 6 .
went to Jalan Ipoh to find him then went to Time Square for shopping again .
the boys' turn .
two of them bought 3 shirts and 2 pants .
I saw my primary friend there but I didn't say ' Hi ' .
I dont know why he looks so different from last time
LALA ! ==
after shopping went to ' yum cha ' at Old Town then fetch Harry back
then we fetch Sher Lok back home before that we had our dinner ! =D
4 people cost RM71 for 4 dishes . =X
then KahYan's turn to back while fetching all of them back we had lots of fun and
I'm so damn hyper today according to my sis ==
then home sweet home !
tomorrow gonna be my last appointment with my dentist !
new braces colour !
I love the seniors sometime ;
They talked in-childish ! =D

1 week and 1 day to go ; so long suckers !

I am a person who disclosed my final card to people who are close to me which
they felt a disadvantage character especially in this line.
“Never reveal your cards till you know what cards on his hand”

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