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Sunday, February 7, 2010

you better tell me you hate me !

A day without surprise .

woke up and heading to Pavilion thanks to my sis .
and had breakfast + lunch with her , Quan and Hoe at Kampachi .
after that met up with Jing they all .
They are totally a huge gang and I can't even see everyone of them together .
i haven follow them yet and i told jing that I don't feel like going to watch movie i preferred to sing K and 'cause of that I let Jing and her B argued . ==
then Hoe , Quan , Yenn and I went to car park to help my sis up .
then heading to 5th floor and I saw them again .
they bought their movie tickets and jing wasn't there .
And i dont really care about them 4 of us went to RedBoxPlus ourselves

Before get in our room .

then Jing and Weng came .
sing sing sing until half
KahHui called jing out I accompany her awhile and I got back to continue with my singing !
lols .
before that I got a huge Doodolls from Jing , KahHui and Weng and also a multi-function headwear I had it !
some photos are here .
gum yu lou !

nearly 5 Sze came and she made it !
'cause she rush from Genting to Pv to meet me !!
touched ! =D
I hugged and kissed her for non - stop 'cause I really miss her so damn much !

us .
she kissed !
me likey .
Hoe ; Weng .
them again .

and also my dear !!!
Quan with my dooodolls .
I still wonder how am I going to bring it go N.z ?
love love .
perasan one .
my turn to kiss ! =D
Quan , Sze ; Jess .
her again ! =D

after that around 6 the boys left and only us ' Quan , Sze , Hoe and I '
met up with Gi and Alison .
and we went to toilet did something .
love love .
spot the gong with my sticky sweet ?
the same favor they had .
us at vincci !

after that sis called .
and sze left , went out to wait her .
while we were waiting her we did these .
models ?
Ali with my spec ; Quan with sexy pose ; gi with my doodolls !

them again !
with me . =D

then got my sis's called again and she wants us to go pv's car park to meet her 'cause the traffic were super duper jam !
while waiting we did the same thing .
Alison ; GiPo .
Hoe ; Ali .

then we heading to Kyle's house together .
we did gambling , eating , chatting , watching and laughting !

them at Kyle's house .

after few hours I went upstairs and watched Jennifer's Body with the huge gang !
lols .
Kyle , Gene , Carmen , Zhen , William , KahHoe , SaikHoe , Sum , Chung , Ali , Gi and also I .
watched until the last part the aunties call us to go back home and I followed my mum back home . Carmen slept over night at there Hoe they all went back .
Reached home around 3 something slept !

once again I'm sorry to
ThangYiJing and TanKahHui !
and thank you to
ThangYiJing , TanKahHui and TanChunWeng
for the presents you guys gave .
me likey !

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