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Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm here to update some of the day .

I'm here !
I miss you guys .

let's start ,
Today is the Lantern Festival .
I heard my sis says that they have this festival 3 times in a year .
each time they have 3 days if i'm not wrong .
and yet I went to it .
what can I say the lantern there was mostly like the thing where M'sia had but the food are different !!!
they have lots .
the highlight parts of it are ...
the ancient craft of lantern making ,
Mongolian folk music ,
Rolling lantern folk dance ,
and different shapes of the lantern
oh , they were performers NZ and overseas ..
Photos come along .

Children enjoy playing with this .

I went at evening the people are O.O
spot the street of Albert Park ?

we walk and eat .
until night the people were still there !
spot the shy faces of them ?
this is Auckland University .
the moon was in circle !
until 9 something the people were still there and having fun .
lanterns everywhere !
we're tired !
and we walk back to the car park .
we need to walk to queen street and take our car that was farrr .

On the way .

then we back home at 10 something .
hmm ...

there are good news and bad news .
- we bought a house for 631 k .

- I gonna register for school and I missed over 10 credits .
- we gonna move in at April .

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