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Monday, February 8, 2010

timeless day ever .

thick as glass .
huge like rain .

woke up nearly 2 today .
I was lost !
the house is empty and I'm all alone in a room with the air-conditional on
the air was cold ,
my nose wasn't working as normal ,
my eyes can't be open
and my throat was dried for an hour .
I wonder where people went to ?
and i got up and look for my phone I saw 3 missed called from Joe and I knew Quan's phone are spoiled !
I wondered should I call back to tell him but I forgot about it jor so ...
and I bathed and turned on my com played for 2 hours .
after that went to have my ' breakfast ' around 5 .
Sis came back and fetch me out to IOI Mall .
I haven't been there around 10 years .
changed a lot .
lols .
I bought some properties and carmen too .
William got a Gundum and a pair of Adidas limited edition for RM200 only .
'cause is sales !!!
damn it my mum don't let me buy shoes again . ==
Carmen got a pair of shoes too .
damn it ! I have no new shoes for my freaking new year !
what can I say ...
I gonna wear old clothes for my CNY ...

Cny is just a week away .
I'm beginning to really wonder how I used to spent my time .
10 days down the road , short but how much I wished someone could say
; stop being a dreamer , it's just a bad dream .
what to say ?
what to do ?
what to plan ?
what to think ?

Life's just simple
I'm just the one who
complicated it .

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