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Friday, February 5, 2010

the one I love ; PhangSaikHoe .

A huge day ever !
I wanna wish the one I love again !
for the 4th times ?
more than that i think but still
I'm the first who gave you present
although , that doesn't count as a present also meant that I LOVE you baby !!
I have edit a lot of photos for you but now all lost i gonna find it out give me some time .
pai seh a .

remember that day we met ?
remember what we been through ?
remember what I throw you away ?
remember that time i loved you ?
remember that moment we spent together ?
remember you helped me from everything ?
remember how we take picture together
remember you introduce all your friends to me and you dont want me to be that lonely ?
and the important thing is did we argue before ?

and yet in this big day i wanna wish you that
Happy 17th Birthday and
I hope you enjoy today we been through ...

You are absolutely amazing and
I have no idea how I would've survived the
Nights and waves and storms without you there so
Good wishes to you

The one and only ; PhangSaikHoe .

does he look cute ?
just like a daib with Choonwei's hat .

I only found this ...
I did edit a lot !

love falls to you
and wish you a good night , good life and a good heart !

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