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Friday, August 7, 2009

Wonder - ing .

I wonder why
Words flow so easily from my weathered lips
While flying down the highway
At a hundred miles per hour
I wonder why
I never sought solstice
In the brown paper bags
I kept my heart in all these years
I wonder why
Cats aren't considered a medical remedy
For depression or loneliness
Or if maybe they're a symptom
I wonder why
Chess isn't a contact sport
When it's about war strategy
And those who control death win every game
I wonder why
I can take pride in failure
I can find joy in pain
But cannot stand to see me win
I wonder why
I can't paint myself a future
In the marvelous languages
I use to keep me company
I wonder why
I never learned how to swim
Upside down
Through Saturn's atmostsphere
I wonder why
Giving directions
Is so much easier than getting directions
And why directions even matter
I wonder why
We all decided that the ball of fire in the sky was the sun
And that lots of water means an ocean
And that lots of ice means Canada
I wonder why
God gave us only one nose
Too many toes
And not enough time
I wonder why
Shopping carts will always be fun
Bowling can put out your back
And why girls like you more when you ignore them
I wonder why
You ever looked at me anyways
I ever looked at me anyways
Anyone ever looked at me anyways
I wonder why
I can't stop writing this
Won't stop writing this
Would want to stop writing this
I wonder why
There are words to describe torment
There are words to describe anger
There are words to describe words
I wonder why
Anyone ever thought politics was a good career path
Love hurts even when you're happy
We call it a cantelope
I wonder why
Humpty Dumpty sat on that wall
We walk through doors instead of windows
We look more into our eyes than out of them
I wonder why
I expected this to continue
I ever let myself start
I'm letting myself end

End ?
This is the end
And the beginning
For there is no finality
Only perceived motion
And actualised realisation
The question is why ?
And the answer is veiled
Remove all coverings
From your senses
And maybe you will know
But will never express
Because all words fall short .

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