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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

thanks to yenn ! =))

Distance ..
is getting closer !
how good !
Friday is Feast day ~
plan plan plan .
planed !
pv ; badminton ; chatroom .
XD .

Went to Pv yesterday .
for my sis's dearest doll !
She gonna kill me when she saw tis .
i hang - ed the doodolls at my mum's car with its two long ears !

my sis loves it soo damn much !
and now it's sleeping with me .

It gonna be dead when my bro touched it !
he threw it !
and is too big for my bed . awww
started to be perasan with my bro .
hahaha .
after Pv . went to 'lou heong gong'
at maluri to met up Aunty Eva's brother for dinner .
He likes golf damn much la ! played golf for 6 days non-stop !
we ordered many things and yet we all were so damn full !
while we were waiting her the food ! saw aunty Sharon ' Quan's mum ' !
she was promoting her video on Youtube to the others aunty !
bout the Anita Mui's contest !
she felt damn proud la .
around 9 my dad sent them back to hotel . thn we were back home at 10 somthing .
plurk than off tat day ..
simpleeee .

Finally we chat !
but not face to face is just by MSN and Plurk !
i saw the plurk's creator on TV just now .
he is so damn oung for a wedsider .
hmm ..
wondered how he did tat ?

x I changed my braces colour ! nobody realize la .
o pain with it !
x spring ? arggg
o done with it .

l a u g h .

opps . i'm late of 40 mintues !
shyt !
gonna wish her now !
OMG ! is her b'day ..
er er er ..
hmm ..
1st wish her a b'day !
2nd wish all her wishes come true A.S.A.P
3rd do think bout me !
4th dun forget me and us !
5th wong choii tomoro got donuts to eat !
6th is 12:37 .
7th Happy Birthday girl ! old dy la ..


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