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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What i promised is here .
lols !
the photo and 1 video .
act got many video but i upload 1 video need half of the day nia ..
so i just upload me likey wants .
'Ah yue !' he's the best rocker and also A.Chord ..
Is the time to let the pics talk !!

the stage ..
Mummy and I .
gonna start .
表演嘉宾。 Sukie ? * not sure with her name *
but she has a good voice !

is this call random ?
start luu ..
i was just spotting 张震岳' .

my mum's likey !

spot the light effect ?
damn it is so damn nice !

张震岳 ! he solo drum ~~

Gonna be 张震岳's turn !

张震岳's new songs .

Rap time !

After this pics. the security guard was using the spot light ..
and yet my mood down ..
nvr take pics after this ..
But i continue when they chg security guard !
damn high and my mum scold me for taking so much pic and nvr take dou 周华健 .
LOL ! weird right ?
and yet i schow her i took dy 5 pics ..
she's okay .. LOL ! wat a cute mum i have ..

周华健 .
周华健 .

ohhhh ~ i still got 1 more video is solo by 张震岳 drum !
uplaod it next time ..
sorry guys ..

today .
did anything happen today in school ?
hmm ..
cant remember actually.
Syarahan the whole school is in audi .
form 3s are having fun by sitting in a group after Mrs.kang left !
chatting all along .
ntg else .
heard that Chinese teacher gonna resign !
lols .
just because of the students 'bising' ?
stupid reason la ..
but i was wondering why today still have Chinese class .

Sorry Grace !
I don't mean to made you cry .
sorry .
hahah .
we were miss you so damn much !!!

x my phone is out of battery !
o arggg .. where's my charger ??
x my home connection got prob le ..
o the 1st time i study Sejarah !

t r i a l .

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