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Thursday, August 6, 2009

suffered .

If you like me, tell me.
If you don’t, let me go.
Wondering what to post ?
updating blog can make me feels better . * i think *
or just plurk ?
hmmm ...
oh !
there's something happened during coco ; KRS .
Is by my dearest Mrs.Kang !
Xp .
after you guys reading this sure say i'm bad !
hahah .
She sat on the stage which in the assembly hall ..
and with her legs opened wildly !
the whole form 3s can see it !
and yet our group saw it and Ben was like .
'aww , fark ! is white in colour !'
and the last group saw it .. 'Venn's group . '
Cant tahan ! Laught out loud at tat moment ..
After she stood up we all were like wow .. finally finish the white cake .
and she walked around the assembly hall .
After the bell rang Venn and Pei said wow . why her panties can be so white ?
hahahaha .
seriously is so damn white la .
After tat when down to canteen .
they went to Chinese class .
i waited for my mum and yet i haven take my report card !
gonna get scold tomoro !
arggg .

I felt sorry .
dunno why ..
although i dun like and yet you were still the same .
i hurt you . is for ?
i know you knew .
No 2nd chance
I'm sorry ..

x No lies .
o I did what i like .
x You missed it !
o neat ? F---

s u f f e r .

This is my way, and that is your way.
Go somewhere over the rainbow,
And don’t let me see you forever again.

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