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Monday, August 24, 2009

post of yesterday .

She thought is okay
but is not .

the Phang's family were busy doing prepare of the singing contest .
of Anita Mui .
at the evening .
my mum and I went to T.S and took hour tea-time .
and we met up Aunty Sharon and her family .
but Quan wasn't there yet ..
and tat Phang Saik Hoe .
went to Low Yat and sing K with Joe and Joe's sis ..
how good boy .
after 1 and half hour we met up and wait for the contest to start .
I saw Kah Wai , Kah Ho e, Sher Lok and Hon Hoong at 1st .
i was wow .. WTH . they came for the aunty ?
after tat wait for while saw Quan came with Janee and Nee .
i stand between them i was SHORT ! but not between Quan .
hahha .
before it starts . me n my mum saw Ah Lok of 988 .
his voice was woww ..
after tat .
we waited for i think half and hour
went in and sat down ; chit chat .
we have a long time nvr chat like tat .
we waited again for Hoe's mum to take turn .
before she start singing the guest below the stage were so damn quite !
when she came out her supporter !
SHOUT OUT LOUD like siao la ..
every aunties look at us like crazy ppl .
you cant imagine how loud we shouted .
the whole T.S's customers can heard us .
the 1st song she sang i forget to take video and photo .
sorry . but is so damn NICE !!!!
after tat . me , quan , nee and Jane waited again and again !
to take her turns of 2nd round .
but Jane and Quan were starving .
so we decide to go makan 1st .
we went to 'food and tea'
we ordered .
than i received a call from Hoe .
gonna be her mum's turn .
i was like WTF .
we just ordered finish !
so me n quan decide to go down and let Nee and Jane for the food .
and i promised them to take video so i took it .
is here !

The video .
Sorry of my hands shaking wildly ! ==
during she sang u can heard what Hoe shouted !
I LOVE YOU loudly ..
aww so damn sweet la .
we broght flowers but haven gave her at tat time .

after that .
me n Quan ran up stairs again !
wow ..
we were so tired of running up and down .
shyt la .
we met up with Nee and Jane again .
we chat at the restaurant .
we chatted bout what ..
hmm ...
i should say the old time .
haha ..
Jalan Davidson again !
woots !
I remember what pic we took for the 'bi ye te kan' .
Jane's hand was at Vivien's shoulder !
hahah ..
annd Nee was laughing at my hairstyle !
Nee was joining JiaYi last time ..
how good friend were we last time .
I miss the old time sometime .
and Quan last time were so short !
but now .. bigggggg **** and tall abit .
lalala ..
after we makan .
went down to the stage again for the result !
and the final result is ...................
woots !!!!
we shouted again like siao .....
RM 5000 for free !
aww ..
just sang for two songs .

x pics upload in the next post ..
o wow .
x i need more rest !
o school tomoro ?

h o t .

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