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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Promised !

Weird stuff are going on and on .
er er er ..
I was surfing the wed just now ..
and i saw sumthing weird and written with some weird writing ..
dun really understand .

'Is it weird to want to be loved?

Is it weird to feel jealous?

Is it weird to feel useless?

Is it weird to feel unwanted?

Is it weird to feel neglected?

Is it weird to feel stupid?

Is it weird to never want to let go? '

and and and !
there is a thief in form 3 again !
is the same form again .
they thought the same person again !
zz .
things are getting lost again !
the teachers are scolding our class of JJ's phone !
Meta scolded us feel like crying . cz she cant believe tat 3M has got theif !
and yet she said our class is a rich class but with an dishonest heart !
hmm .
she said tat friends are not really with true heart she called us to think tat who are the true friend and who are the one with the heard dishonest and pretending all along .
we might make up our might or knowing too much friend !
isn;t right as what she said ?
hmm ..
wondering .

x promised !
o wear ? aww .. no i think .
x maybe what she said is fake ?
o acting can count as a ........

You can call me weird
‘Cause I’m nothing like you.

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