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Monday, August 3, 2009

Tired !

she told him ?

I'm back from 4 or 5 place ..

i'm not sure .
1st place .
I teman my mum go out for my bro's Mathematics test .
is at Ampang area . i dunno what name izit .
we reach there at 11 sumthing .
but the test starts at 12:30 .
so what did i do ?
hmm . SMS !
'i sure die in this month !
over limit dy !!! '
So mummy and I waited him at the cafe beside the centre .
and yet i saw TanKahHui !
who knows her sis also involve in this test !
we chatted ! *in phone*
zz ..
waited my bro for an hour ++ i was playing psp .
damn sien nia ..
He ended the test at 1:45 so my mum decide to bring my bro for a hair cut .
hmm ..
the 2nd place .
Saloon ! * dunno what name *
after cut his hair .
we waited again ! for my dad to come and pick-up us to go p.c fair ..
we come at 2:30 .
wasted time again !
we went to KLCC have a look ! * 3rd place *
and yet the parking was so damn full !!!
so my dad decided to bring us to Time Square and Pavilion . *4th and 5th place *
1st we went to Pavilion for my Converse !!!
yea hoo ..
'Jing , I bought tat converse in black colour ! '
finally i bought that . i was so hyper !!!
and yet sumthing happened .
'arghhhh . Stupid WilliamTanWeiXian !
I H Y ~~~'
not gonna talk bout it !
than after walk walk when to T.S for that WilliamTan's Gundam !
he bought 2 Gundam in each month la ..
stupid !!!
while he and my dad went to buy that stupid Gundam .
my mum and I went to see aunty Sharon singing contest !!
and YES ! She won !!!
damn happy .
i saw Hui Quan and Saik Hoe .
we took some pics .

so now I would like to let the pics talk !
She's mine !
my head is so damn big ! now i just realise ..
she gonna kill me when she see this .
Is us ..
me and my 'lao po' !
the 2nd or the 1st ?

hmm .
again !
'diff anger '
and agian !
the metal of the competition .

Guys watch this video than you guys will know why she'll win !
'sorry bout the shaking '
she have got LOTS of fans !!!
the screaming and the shouting come towards !
i was wondering how the judges give marks with our 'sounds effect' !
Xp .
wow ..
I keep watching this videa nia ..
Next time go concert or wadever call us ( Me , Hui Quan and Saik Hoe ) !
shouting team !!!

After the singing contest meet up my dad we went to the saloon shop to pick my mum's car .
and yet we continue shopping !
at Leisuremall . *sixth place*
act there's ntg to buy !
but i bought Jam's newest album !
is nice man !
'Carmen i'll try to pass the CD to dad on Oct '
Everyone go and support Jam's album !!!
'Pricess' .
wowwww .
tumbs up !

x Sorry for the concert's pics .
o Computer damn lag now ..
x Gonna post the video in Facebook i think .
o hmm .. worried ?

c h i l l .

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