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Friday, August 7, 2009

Is this the end ?


The words have all gone away
she has nothing more to write
her soul has been beautifully broken
and she has given up will to fight

The colors have all faded to black
the darkness surrounds her everywhere
her dreams have all become nightmares
but now she really no longer cares

The blood in her veins has run cold
the shadows have become her only friend
her heart is struggling to maintain life
but she knows.....she has finally reached the end

She asked .
' ni gen ta men zhen yang liao ?mei you bian ? hai shi ..... '
my answer was .
' bu zhi dao zhen yang ; wo ye bu zhi dao ta men xiang zhen yang . '
I felt hopeless ; useless and 'feddup' !


sign !

x We're 8 or 9 ?
o including her ?
x I dunno why even a girl at Aus know more than me .
o Everythings just keep it heart .

b r e a k .

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