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Friday, August 28, 2009

lifeless ?

I'm back from tuition !
from 1600 to 2145 .
how good girl were jing and i ?
lalala .
we played after the maths revision .
the pics of my 'quan jia fu' is at jing's phone .
wait her for the photo .
argg .. lazy dum dum !
I'm back from shop to take some promotions paper .
and now i'm at home blogging all along .
2245 reached !
during tuition .
tat dum dum did something childish !
pressing my handset and calling everyone .
the most ?
Fatt .
== they played ppl till dman syok la .
all thanks to tat dum dum jing jing a . k . a fatt mou ' s mum .

She's go agree with what the uncle told her .
He said to be a hairstylish must stop from now .
but the parents doesn't agree what you can do ?
why don't you do sumthing else other than this . he said .
she was like ntg she can do other then these ; she's not a materia for study !

x sorry .
o I was joking all along .
x I have got a son !
o cz of jing .

f a t t m o u .

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