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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

tired with the medicines .

my converse ! the newest !
lalala ..
Carmen u have i also have .

my 2nd post of the day .

I'm so bored so i decided to plurk .
and yet i have no voice at all .
if you listen to me you will get shock !
wonder tomoro gonna go school ?
i just took 1 day MC from the doctor .
hmm ..
how was the seminar going ?
fun ?
er er er ..
ntg to post dy .
when i was surfing the web .
someone type these out .
i think i agree with it ..

Why are people so fake and yet try to act so nice? Why is it that people who you think who are your friends only want to hurt you in the end? I hate people who act so fake and try to be your friend but then try to have a double sided poker face. It does not show your true colors yet only shows how artificial you are. You had a melt down in the class, I helped you to be your friend and console you, yet what you do then is act so fake. I cant beleive I am trying to make a friendship work yet your comments are so hurtful. You want everything to go your way, yet you dont realize how fake you can be.

So it seems that friends say their friends
But do they really mean it?
In the background you hear whispers
Here and there
Dirty laundry aired for everyone to hear.
Only thing is that you only told one so called ally
When you really had a rival.
Someone that crawls and bends to any one persons will.
A rat no one will notice but everyone will forget.
And that my beloved is you.
Guilty conscience?
I bet you think this is about you.
I don’t need friends if friends
Could be as kind or respectable as enemies.
And you are equivalent.

i think it's okay as what they wrote .
off nia .
gonna eat my medicines again !

x tired with it .
o surf surf surf .
x sign .
o maybe it's real .

f a k e .

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