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Friday, August 14, 2009

hope to kena H1N1 !!!

arggg .
there was a doctor called .
Mr.Allan Peter , he came to our school to talk about how to prevent A H1N1 .
zz .
damn it ! is so boring and we didn't even have any fun !
arhhhhh .
i was wnodering is that Peter's son or just relative ?
where got doctor willing to have a talk like this to the school ?
and is damn bored !
after listening to him .
went to had our break !
was extended . and the form 3s were so noisy until Mr.Alex went to called Mrs.Kang come a settle it !
lols .
what a scared !

* skip *

after lunch went out and have our science periods !
the very 1st time we had our science periods with fun and some feel of scared !
lols .
fun is cz of Vivien ! she scared of wires !
Scared is not KANG'S MOOD !
she toldd us bout the school' guard !
zzz .
not gonna tlak bout it here .

gtg . now i just realize trial is around the corner !
arggg .
study please TanJiaXin !!!

x Mrs.HowMenMen !!!
o I post what i promised too .
x Mr.How !!!! (J-Sern ?)
o popopo !!!

l i n g l i n g .

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