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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Done !

finally i have done my blogskin !
i used 2 anf half hours to do it yesteday .
i slept at 0400 .
woke up at 1324 .
had my *breakfast* .
than bath ; prepared for tuition .

My tuition starts at 1500 but my mum come back home at 1500 when i reached there at 1600 ,and i don't feels like tuition today so she just gave me home work !
and yet he gave me 2 past year paper !
argg .
how good izit .

I'm here to wish two ppl !
1st . Sharmaine Foo !

Happy Belated B'day cousin sis !

I L Y !
sorry so late just wish u .

Good Luck and all the best !

2nd . Wai Jeng Fatt !

He called everyone to bless for him of his competition tomoro .
and I'm here !
Good Luck !

and win the competition boy !


and and and .
i wanna wish Sze !
She's having her journey back to Kangar !

Good Luck ~

aww .
She think she misses him .

but what the hell ?

is him . fark le .
she wants to kill herself if that is true .

she thinks is sucks for having him .
be in love with him / her ?
hmm .
Fine ! we shall stop it !

Tell me what you did to me .
I'm not afraid of height !
No gravity around .
flies up high !

x sing out loud ppl !
o she's the latest .
x outsider for you .
o no life without COLO !

h e a r t s .

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