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Thursday, August 27, 2009

screw you !

The last day of extra class .
Gonna be happy after these days as i thought .
But is not !
argg !!
now i just realize that i doesn't have much friends to shares with .
I doesn't deserve to be a friend of someone or everyone ?
Friend like me is sucks isn't it ?
now i just realize a person ride a bike and walk along the park will be so lonely , so cold , feels so in mood and let ppl think of lots of things .

She thought ppl wunt change .
She thought everyone will be the same after years .
She heard what he told her . WTH la .
She saw what he typed out is sad or excited ?
She dun believe anyone except write it out in the 'book' .
everything is just her description and feelings .
ntg can control what she thinks .
she knew she gonna get scolded by her again !
She forces herself as wrong feelings on what she thought .

x time passed .
o is August dy .
x Study ?
o I'm sucks .

s u c k i t u p .

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