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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

let me complete this mission.

Last week of term 3, six more weeks to go NCEA exam. Well, I will just relax for a week and work hard in the coming weeks after I've got relax enough. GST (tax) gonna increase next week, so I am gonna shopping all day out there with an empty wallet. Hell, I need like more cash but not card. ;X

I've screwed up all my entrance exam, every subjects I took at least I fail one of the paper. wtf right? I ain't that good in studies, I knew it. Somehow, am trying to work hard on the coming government exam for uni which is for my ugly future too. D; Anyway, gonna talk about it in the coming post SOON.

On the other hand, I have done my art portfolio and I forgot to take photo of it. WHAT A FAIL! I was rushing to my geog last that time so.... forgiveness can be accept aight?

I've all confirmed ticket.
peace to all so do I.

*if you are brenda take a look.*
p/s: brendangszewern, I can't celebrate your birthday on the 17th of December.
well, i think she doesn't view my blog anymore.

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