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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Not that bad.

I should be study all day long today
but the day just end up with hang out..
Woke up, tried to study but then end up cleaning the house for few minutes then touched my sexy lappy and I cant get rid of it. Then the owner of the house woke up and ask us , wanna go city to have our 'breakfast' ? (when is already 12.) Anyway, went to city and had our brunch in a traditional korean restaurant, the food was awesome ! After that, bro planned to get a hair cut and he did get it which is like a 10 years old child. Met Lisa and Shally after few hours... around 3 we went to the City Market for a while then heading to cinema , left mum and bro alone..

Anyway, we watched
"Tomorrow, When the war began"
This movie is directed by Stuart Beattie and it's a novel which written by John Marsden. Australia's casting pool is obviously more of the'inflatable' variety.
This movie is made in Australia and act by Australian which make me think of my honey in that far place, Perth.
Well, this movie is good but not great ..
the only thing is I don't like the ending.

The tagline which inspire me is

"Where were you when everything changed?"

In the movie is they are in 'hell'..

*left* *right*
Lee Takkam who fall for this girl, Ellie Linton.

Caitlin Stasey,
(she's pretty!)
the main character of this movie who acts like a tough girl
and shows out what normal girls will face .

Not to look at the title of the movie but to watch this movie.. It's not only about war but about how teenagers face the problems, love, family and be tough. ;)
They give a damn and they would rather die fighting than give up.

"It's better go back to 'hell' ."

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