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Friday, September 3, 2010

there's no one right beside me.

Show me your love and I will appreciate it .

So how's people doing out there? I've been away for two to three days without touching this freak laptop. Everytime I didn't touch it, I just feel uncomfortable and like lifeless but after sometimes I touch it is like 'there is the distance just within few days.'

Anyway, I heard people in M'sia are having holidays and I do wish you guys happy holiday and enjoy it ,dush ! ;) I wish I could have holiday but too bad, I'm going to have my entrance exam next Friday and I didn't even started my study seriously with my english. The quotes in the film are killing me , the story of the novel is complicated and the techniques in the film are messing me up ! D; stress ass. I'm so not gonna fail the entrance exam so I have to work real hard also
not to forget NCEA exams. god damn it, I hope I don't give a damn in these.

people are going a vacation like Shanghai or Japan and I wish I can have a vacation in Malaysia and not in New Zealand. I wish I can have a great time when I got back not to have the regretfulness like what I felt when I first came here. 3 more months to go not over 100 days and yes! I want to hang out all day long, camwhore, hug and sing all nights . Besides that, I want cny so freakin' bad . Not to be that greedy, I just want to spend my time with the babies, bitches and darlings not to forget the dears and honeys . ;X

is time.;(

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tips, is numbers.

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