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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Get into the sun!

Was Wednesday, and guess what?
I finished 5 of my exam papers which was dragging me to hell. ;X I've done the last paper, accounting. In the paper I've to do like 5 or 6 papers and I think i got two of them blanked which mean it's harder than I expect. Somehow, I just thought i could get in accounting next year but now I think there's no way when i got both of them blank and perhaps I can't get into it next year.

Anyway, after the three hours accounting me and Julie went to Takapuna for food in BaShuFeng which is always the asians' favored . After like 1 hour of food we went to the beach with our 'pretty' uniforms and everyone was like staring at us .
The sun was going down when couples are walking around.
We couldn't be a couple neither single ?

Then we chatted and went into a soup shop which is all hand-made yet didn't get any of them but it smells so nice ass! If there's someone birthday i would probably get one of them to he/she is a good present tho. On the other hand, we went to MOVENPICK and had our dessert which is nearly 7 i think? She had a tiramusu and I had a cappuccino milkshake, it was yummy!
Milkshake wasn't that bad.
She's the girl who am close with.

After the dessert we walked to the bus-stop and while waiting we sing as usual ! ;)
and this just makes me thought of the old time when I'm out in the late night with the besties in M'sia. Hell!!! I want them the bitches and hotties. ;(

Last pic. ;)

Home Sweet Home about 8 past

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