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Sunday, September 19, 2010

She's the luckiest one.

Life is always boring as my dad told me.

On the 27th of July, there is a new member in my family she is a female. She is so lucky that she has a grandma from New York, a parents in M'sia, an aunt in Japan and also an aunt from US. I gonna named as 'BiaoYi' (cousin aunt) , FML! sounds so damn old aight?
Well, here is a picture of her copied from Trend's fb.

Hell, she cute right?
Her name is Summer Liew.
Try to imagine when she turns older and when the teacher
take attendance or even teacher about seasons. ;X

#2. Summer Liew
Her smile just melt my heart! ;)

As I mentioned in my titled
"She's the luckiest one"
this is because since she came to our family the first thing she got is more than 5 Polaroids ! Seriously, omg !!
See? There are tones of people wanna hug her and take photos with her.
She's lucky to have an aunt from Japan that can get Polaroid like non-stop! ;DD

here, this is what we call luckiest, happiest and cutest baby ever!
Although, I can't see her in a real face but picture just inspire me. ;)
So gonna get clothes for her...

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