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Saturday, October 2, 2010

appreciate life.

What goes up must come down.

yeap, my life came up and it goes down for this moment. I wish I can relive last year all over again. It was so much better than this year and this year blows. Although, last year happens a lot and it made me lost a lot yet this way more better than this year. This year is just a crap for me. Yes, tweety-ten makes me feel lost, stress, blew and fck-ed up which just dragging a part from what I aimed for. The only thing I'm appreciating now is just family and my 'internet life'. You will never know what the people who reply you were thinking and for me I thought of everything happen within me and him/her. Somehow, i wonder why is he/she typing in a strange way which makes me this he/she has change a lot or something happen between us and no one knows the answer.

Anyway, I've been away for a while and I just miss typing my memories into this public page. For some reasons, i love blogging it helps a lot to a girl like me who far apart to everything I wish to have. Just like someone who care about me, giving me his/her opinion, chilling, argue, crap to me. Besides, it does help when I'm depress although words can't really tell what I want to say but at least there is a way for me to express my feelings. It blows me off sometimes.

Am having holiday at the moment, is nearly the end of the first week which mean one more week till it's end and I haven't done any of my holiday homework yet. For the first week of holiday, I've bought like tones of things but not sneakers since the GST rose on the first of October . Let me start with, a pandora which me and my sis each has one. A very first flats which is pretty girlish i bet someone will praise me from buying that. I'm not shy to say I bought bras from Bendon and a winter jacket when winter has ended. Something else like my advanced birthday present from mum... It's a devil necklace and hell yes I love it.. The so call present has been kept by my mum in her save 'cause I call her to do so. HAHAHA

this post is shorter than the message I sent to her.

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