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Friday, September 17, 2010

am free for a month. ;)

I am now release for a month to the NCEA exam which will be killing me in sometime. However, I have finished my art exam this morning it wasn't that bad just continue paint my mix media and now I'm home sweet home. Went back home around 12 and switched on the computer first to tumblr then fb. Then I saw Sze's status which was something about the 'gang tee' and an idea came out in my mind.. Why don't we get another of 2010 yet I came out with three words..

Gang Of Nine
so we are

but seriously, I don't know what's the slogan of this gang and do we have a logo?
Anyway, I create these three which can be place at the back and the front I design but can't really scan it out 'cause I haven't finish just need some opinion with these three options.

Simple enough like us. ;)

White tee with stars.
Black tee with the 'pink bacteria' . ;)

Drop an opinion of yours into my chatbox and I will think what I should put for the front.
appreciate lots, mates.

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appreciate lots.

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