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Friday, September 10, 2010

Jason Chen and his mates.

He's an asian so I am.. ;)

Jason Chen and Wendi Lee
Romeo & Juliet (Chinese)
original by Gary Chow & Ginnie Zuo.

Jason Chen and Joesph Vincent
Just A Dream
This is awesome, their voices just can melt your heart.

Love The Way You Lie mash up with Not Afraid <3
Jason Chen
I never know these two songs can mix together
and ended up with this version.

Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are
Covered by Jason Chen and JRice

loves the part at 2.01min .

He is awesome how could a guy sings so nice in chinese and english?
His friends are all awesome in singing.
Not to forget go youtube search him up and
one more song highly recommend you to watch which is
'Hate That I Love You ft. Alexa Yoshimoto' .

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