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Monday, September 6, 2010

gladness . ;)

Take a look at the memories that we used to have. ;)
Photos would make you smile, the memories will make you wonder also regret.

Words cant really define what's in my mind;
She spent 2 hours on my last night and I'm so super hyper.. I just realized we knew each other like 9 years who would believe that? I knew her since we were in standard one.

She spent nearly 2 hours for me which is more than as usual. I'm glad we chat and share those dirty little secrets to each other. orhh, not to forget that I chat with TanKahHui which i never thought we would have the chance. ;)

However, the sweet time has to go into my history book which mean I've to face my freak entrance exam in the coming Friday. I need to study real hard this week so I might not online, fb, blogging and even tumblr but I might on with my dear twitter ! (I can't live without tweeting.)

It's time to take a bath and memories all those crap thingy. Every subjects take me 3 hours and how am I going to do it like within 4 days. I wasted my weekend on movie, tv and also surfing on web . I'm such a failure aye.. well, I knew that . ;X

Every breath by Boyce Avenue is a good song.

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