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Monday, September 20, 2010

Wifey is the 'business woman'

It's a long sunday night w/ her , the wifey.
We are blogging and chatting while the webcam is on. We don't chat much but bullshit much ; which are doing things that doesn't relate to the topic. Creating a gang tee is a really hard work, it harder when I am in a far distance and without text and calls to them. However, I bet the tee will ended up with nothing or even crap. ;X (sorry, I don't really believe w/ it this time)

Anyway, these photos show how hard working is she to let me see her 'ngau ngau'.



These are to show how hot is she to switch on the air-cond and get something else.

End of the post.
She's skinny than what my son said. ;X

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