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Monday, September 20, 2010

It has good conditions.

As I have mentioned in a post that Auckland, New Zealand are still having "the largest storm on the planet" which is true. In south island, there are roofs flying away and also stadium break down this morning and last night. On the other hang, in auckland the storm and rain just make some highway flood so it's forced to close down yet I'm at home blogging about this cute news out. The rain make a good condition at night for plans and the sunshine in the morning are making a great conditions out for mushrooms or should say as fungi..

Yesh, it's fungi!
What about it?
It grows at my house's garden region.
Can you see anything in this small outdoor outside my house?
Spot the mushrooms for yourself! ;)

Due to the time for you to find, I will just take photo for you to check these brown thingy out.
Can you see? Just about a night they grew out and annoyed my mum to pick them out of the garden area.
Before it dies, I will just let you to rest in peace with a photo of yours in my phone. ;)

There are tons of mushroom and I wonder how they grow so fast just
within a night and not over 24 hours.
Fungi are incredible !

Here, it grows again. FTL!!!!
but it's cute tho. hehe

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