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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cupcakes memory ! ;)

Woke up, cleaned the house for like 1 hour then had my western brunch which is pasta !!! ;)
I've been ages never eat pasta for brunch which is hand made by my mum !
Then Vanessa msn-ed Carmen, calling me to go her house and make some cupcakes for her mum, aunty Eva .
Let me introduce you some ingredients which is pretty funny..

prepare chocolate for cupcakes and a must for GODIVA chocolate !

Other than that prepare the powder for cupcakes and also milk !
Not to forget some butter.
Not to mention much but show you what do you need for this package.
wanna taste something special?
get a Nutella !

Start the cupcake and mix all thingy together put into the oven !
(well, I'm not a good teacher in making cupcakes tho.)
The Godiva cupcakes ! ;)
This is decorated by Carmen . ;)
spot how messy was it ?
Gosh! things just mess up ..

After that, we got to do some chocolate icing since we've failed to make vanilla icing . ;X

After 2 hours we're done with it ! ;)
first plate
and third.
There are 20 cupcakes are decorated and two extra.

Well, I only decorated five of them..
Scroll it down. ;)
first , and is super duper ugly due to the failed icing !
my mum loves this tho but looks like shit with the choc icing .
Milo snack bar on a cup cakes wasn't that bad . ;D
Godiva pears with silver ball .
Last but not least but my Jack Skeleton's cupcake !
I love this . ;)

I wasted two days on computing which just show that I'm a failure ! ;X
Party at the house at the moment.. The uppers gonna shotz real soon with the vodka gummy bear ! (taste pretty good)

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