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Thursday, September 16, 2010


the old time we spent ToGetHer.

You are my friend and will always be.. (i hope)
You used to like me and you never know I fell for you before. Well, am here not to beg you to come back. I'm glad to have a friend like you who care for me when I am down, you do whatever I want and I wish for last time. Now you changed from worse to better which is a pretty good sign, from a boy to a mature guy . I'm not jealous of you but i'm glad that you finally got someone who you wish for so long ..

Yesterday's, I chatted with three of four people with a different thing but four of them mentioned the same girl's name with the good thing. They are close and I think I don't give a damn yet I think to myself the answer was " I DO! " . I'm scare of a thing is once she gets closer to them and me or others who's out of M'sia will be like forgotten by the them. I've no idea is I thought of too much or not but in a neutral way, having a new close friend is not a good thing. Think of the memories, I saw you crossed my mind and the besties who we spent all night gossip, sing, calls and also cam-whore. The old time was just so charming and sweet..

Somebody out there told me, " You left and you will be expecting these will happen but you never thought the reality was higher than your expectation.. Fact the fact, not to be sad of anything about them or us." To be honest, all I replied was " At the beginning, I expect them to miss me or find me but now I think that's useless to wait them. Perhaps, I will be the happy one who can face the fact and remember the happy memories we used to have. Now we can still be friends like what we used to, talk and laugh like we used to . ;) "

We know people changed from better to worse or even worse to better. We can't judge them by looking at her but once you get to know them maybe you will realize what they have changed was always from worse to better from the people around them. By the time comes you will understand why they will change or if you want to know earlier ask them, not to wonder much or else you will regret from it.

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